Dabrowianie 2016. 100 years. 100 photos. 100 stories
Dabrowianie 2016. 100 years. 100 photos. 100 stories

Dąbrowa Górnicza is a city with over a thousand years of industrial history, who has been trying to change his perception for almost ten years. This place, whose slogan "Dąbrowa Górnicza for active" derives from diversity and the particular activity of the inhabitants in the sporting, cultural, educational and social spheres. In 2016, the city celebrated its 100th anniversary. Our task was a creative answer to the question: How to celebrate it?

Big idea
We bet on people. A 100-year anniversary is a holiday of the people who make it and fill it with energy and experience. Our main task was to select 100 citizens, aged 0 to 100, who have stories, passions, and experiences typical of this city and at the same time identify with the city and feel as its integral part. Then we took a picture of each one of them and described their story.

Branding and the 360 ​​campaign
We’ve created a logotype and key visual based on 100 pictures of people. 360 campaign combined offline and online channels. We have chosen the tools that gave the campaign its idea:
• Website
• Social media campaign: Facebook, Instagram
• Movies: making off, the story of the opening
• Outdoor exhibition
• A memorial album with photos

The project was an unique and moving experience for the whole team and our collaborators.