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    Dōdeka is a ceiling light construction of folded aeroply and cable ties. The development of this project surrounded the concept of geometric shap… Read More
    Dōdeka is a ceiling light construction of folded aeroply and cable ties. The development of this project surrounded the concept of geometric shapes and tool-less assembly. We wanted to also take the opportunity to inject fun toy like construction elements and colour into the final design. Read Less
(Greek dodeka-, combining form of dodeka's twelve, equivalent todō- two + -dekas ten) 
The inspiration for Dodeka was taken from architecture for example the Singapore Skyparks and modern approaches to integrating geometric forms into products. We also wanted to inject elements of fun and engagement from toys like the Hoberman sphere we loved the colourful aspects of the design and wanted this to be a primary focus of the design.
Early sketch models were an opportunity to explore some of the folds that could be achieved in card, we wanted to dismiss the material constraints that plywood as a medium presents. We decided to change the perception defined by our material constraint.

We had no understanding how we would approach the challenge of transferring the principles of folding card onto a much thicker and less pliable material.
Development Prototyping and Testing
The problem we wanted to tackle was how we could manipulate the Aeroply into a form similar to that of folded card, our initial approach of scoring at varying angles proved to only snap and not form in the style we hoped. To counter this problem we developed a new method of manufacture that took advantage of the layers of plywood wood. Cutting 0.5mm beneath the surface of the 1.5mm Aeroply allowed us to manipulate in a series of triangular folds.
We decided to pursue Jake's concept of a structure much similar to some Geodesic Domes at this point we were exploring the possibilities and forms we could possibly create despite the material limitations. At this point we went away and toyed with the concept of origami paper folding and other geometric structures.
The use of cable ties was a conscious decision, cable ties offers the opportunity to explore the possibilities of tool-less assembly something powerful in the flat pack industry. A fixture such as cable ties is an easily accessibly commodity available globally. With a variety of colours and finishes Dōdeka builds individuality at a reduced cost of shipping, user engagement and brand involvement.
Dōdeka was made possible by the help and support of our new friends over at Urban Cottage Industries; their generous contribution helped us realize our creative vision. The friendly customer service and their impeccable quality of their product was incredible and for which our team is most thankful.

The Team:
Jake Simpson
Nicola Saunders
David Mahoney