Hydra: Franke's Luxury Workstation:
Hydra is a balance between clean aesthetics and full function. Hydra's main target was to reinvigorate the sink as a heart of the modern living kitchen. The Hydra Workstation is perfect element to a kitchen redesign or as the focal point to any kitchen design project.
"A good concept created through observational research which was executed to an exceptionally high standard and combined both functionality and beauty."-Franke
Franke's signature material Fraganite is inherently unique to the brand and part of their DNA we wanted our choice of materials to unify the different elements of the Hydra system and reinforce the idea that the whole workstation + accessories were clearly a single unit designed to work together.
"Using the sink often only needed a reduced bowlsize and would improvise solutions to create this. This research led directly to an innovativeconcept for a way in which the sink could be used in a mini-format but thenexpanded to a larger sink."
Fraganite is one of the toughest materials in the world, being scratch and heat proof the possibilities for its application are endless. The side board has been adapted to act as a heat stand for hot pots rather than placing them on the bamboo chopping boards.
The centre bowl of the system is a simple pressed steel and bamboo construction. The multifunctional bowl allows for the preparation of food, quick rinsing, washing hands and filling of water glasses.
The profile of the workstation - The target user we aimed our workstation at would typically be using the sink to quick rinse and remove food residue from plates before dish washing, or for the cleaning of delicate glass and china such as champagne flutes. 
Fragranite due to its composite nature allows for endless shapes and forms to be created given there is a draft angle, we decided that the experience should be very familiar and inviting.
The waste disposal unit embedded into the system is an existing product produced by the Franke Artemis Group we wanted to unify elements/materials Franke was familiar with to help them realize how easily this concept could be realized.
Renderings + Illustrations by David Mahoney
"We felt this concept ticked all the boxed andwas very well thought out. The team hadstarted from a good observation (people use improvised solutions to reduce thebowl size on their sink); carried this through to a clever functional solutionand managed to make this look extremely attractive. Very clever work which ticked every singlebox."

Franke Artemis Group
Design Team:
Andrew Cosh, Echo Tan, Kathrine Pelosi, Hai Yan Fu, David Mahoney, Sophie Butchart & Nicola Saunders