the smart platform for downhill mountain biking

BIKEAWARE gives insight in the rider's performances during the most hardcore downhill biking experiences. By attaching the BIKEAWARE sensor set to the bike, the sensors measure data such as impact, weight distribution and g-force during rides and visualise this data in an online organised environment.

BIKEAWARE is a concept product made for the University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen.
Product Video
Product video for BIKEAWARE, edited by Madeline Alexander.

The concept of BIKEAWARE is to give hardcore downhill mountain bikers an environment where they can learn about their rides, have insights in the condition of their bike and get in touch with their fellow downhill bikers. By using an online platform, the user has access to their data on any time in any place.

We worked together with downhill mountain bikers from different places around the world to design the concept of BIKEAWARE. Through their experiences we learned to optimally shape the environment to the end user's needs. The platform went through a number of prototype iterations in which we tested and finetuned the features, usability and experience of the product.

The Bike page is the hub of all data collected by BIKEAWARE's sensors. During every ride, the sensors measure the amount of impact exerted on the individual bike parts. By visualising and organising this data, BIKEAWARE helps the user maintain their bike and keep track of wear and tear in an accessible way.

BIKEAWARE allows users to get competitive and compare their rides with friends that did the same route, called bro's. The data of both users are presented in one window and gives insight of the similarities and differences from both rides. Users are able to learn from their rides and work on their skills to improve their performance for that route.
The Bro's page of BIKEAWARE.

Every ride with data collected by the sensors is stored online on the user's account. Through filtering on place, route and/or date, every ride can be watched and compared any time and any where. This allows the user to re-experience their rides and track their progress by comparing own rides with months in between, but also compare a ride with a bro's ride from the same route.
the smart platform for downhill mountain biking
BIKEAWARE is made by
Madeline Alexander
(interaction & UX design, 
graphic design, UX research, 
usability testing)
Jesse Döring
(interaction & UX design,
prototyping, usability testing)
Jim Kraan
(interaction & UX design,
UX research, usability testing)
Julian Schwazer
(interaction & UX design,
UX research, prototyping,
graphic design, usability testing)
University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen, 2016
Made with ❤ in Arnhem