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    CG Backgrounds for Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi L200 - No Environment Too Tough Campaign
Commercial Team Project. The campaign consisted of 3 images with the car being photographed and composited into a CG environment. For this image, I was tasked with pre-vis, composition and object placement. I also helped to assist modelling, post-production and creating the car's CG reflection. Software used: 3ds Max. Vray. Photoshop.
Mitsubishi L200 - Cage Arena
Commercial Team Project. Taking one of the car shots used for the 'No Environment Too Tough' campaign, Mitsubishi briefed us to create a cage fighting ring for a web promotion. I completed the project up to the point of placing the car into the scene. Optical flares and volumetric lighting effects helped create the atmosphere. Software used: 3ds Max. Vray. Photoshop. After Effects.