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Billy Baller
inkjet on canvas
152cm x 228cm
Billy Baller reapproaches the roles and assumptions attached to the type A male in society with an attempt to question and confuse the current expectations on these subjects.
What qualities does the type A male have?
What makes a man a man?
Limp Aire
inkjet on canvas, craft foam
152cm x 165cm
In this photos, my original intent was to get this really hung black guy and this really small white guy to hang Louis Vuitton bags off their different boners because Louis Vuitton is money and cock size is masculinity. The black guy with the bigger cock was going to hang a smaller bag, and white guy with the smaller cock was going to hang a bigger bag .
Because this action happened to be many men's locker room fear, the models had a hard time getting hard. We tried watching all different types of porn, from amature to ebony, but nothing was working. It took us about an hour to finally accept the fact that this was not going to happen. So they used their hands to hold up their limp dicks and Louis Vuitton bags. The mood was not right at the time.
Afterwards, I placed craft foam noodles over this photo.
Testosterone 400
viagra, ink, plastic, axe kilo body spray
21cm x 30cm
In Testosterone 400, I casted a a small rectangular slab out of 400 pills of viagra then sprayed a entire bottle of axe body spray on it.
Testosterone 400 is a beacon of douche, and the home plate of masculinity.
The Good The Bad But Not The Ugly
inkjet print on canvas
170cm x 183cm
This piece is a response to Cock and Gun by Robert Mapplethorpe. Cock and Gun captures a very large African American penis alongside with a powerful silver revolver.

The Good The Bad But Not The Ugly challenges the absolute male dominance not only in Cock and Gun but in the contemporary art world. In this photo, I am able to "one up" or surpass even the most hyper masculine object.
Although I am not black, I am not muscular, and I certainly do not have a 10 inch flaccid black dick, I am still able to "win".

This photo addresses these questions:

How I can get beat up, but still win?
How I can be the center of attention, but be in the corner of a room?
What I Learned From Mike
60cm x 91cm
After watching many interviews and press conferences by Mike Tyson, I carved the lesson I learned on a mirror for Mike.
Mc China
latex on canvas
275cm x 183cm x 12cm
Mc China depicts all the characters in ChineseMc Donald Land. It is the celebration of the 99th billion Mc Sandwich served and this is celebrated in a Mcdonald restaurant inside the children's play zone.
I Love Me
astroturf, poplar, acrylic, steel, latex, foam
183cm x 183cm x 10cm
In this piece, I made a garden of delicate virgin poppies. Every poppy is shiny, new and never before touched.
Together however, they are begging for disruption and trouble. They are waiting to be plucked and put out of order.
My Canvas Is Better Than Your Canvas
Belgian linen, poplar, thread
183cm x 122cm x 6cm
Painting is very competitive. In this piece, I want to beat you at painting before even laying my brush on the canvas. I have created a canvas that is better than your canvas thus my painting that goes on top of this canvas will be better than your painting.
The World's Smallest Portrait of A Chinese Man
poplar, latex, inkjet
76cm x 76cm x 5cm
In this piece, I broke a record from the Guinness Book of Records for printing the world's smallest portrait of a Chinese man.
Diet Purple Drank
91cm x 15cm
Diet Purple Drank advertises an ambiguous nutrient. This liquid is diet, it is purple and it is not just s drink, but a 'drank'.
This piece is also accompanied by ambiguous pruple beverages in the exhibitoon space for viewers to enjoy.
One Year American
empty gelatin 00 capsules, 100 dollar bills, MDF, steel, acrylic, UV glass
30cm x 30cm x 3cm
In this piece, I folded 270 one hundred dollar bills to fit into 270 empty gelatin 00 capsules. This piece contains $27 000; the annual income of an average American in 2011.
An Elementary Meal; Still Life with Bread and Milk
aluminum, acrylic
24cm x 11cm x 9cm
The price of aluminum is cheaper than the price of bread.
The price of acrylic plastic is cheaper than the price of milk.
A simple, classical still life is constructed with sculptures which impersonate these American staple foods. The raw materials of these sculptures are worth less than the objects they represent.
5 Liters of Moonshine
cast acrylic, pryex test tubes, steel, 95% alcohol moonshine
35cm x 35cm x 7 cm
In this piece, I have designed and measured a system to hold exactly 5 liters of 95% alcohol moonshine. The amount of alcohol this piece holds is able to kill an average baby horse weighing approximately 500 lbs.
The Great American Chocolate Bar
14 karat gold
8.2cm x 5.3cm x 0.4cm and 6.1cm x 3.5cm x 0.4cm

Contemporary American chocolate is a symbol of pure pleasure, desire and satisfaction. It is a high demand product. It is a craving.

The Hershey Company has the largest Chocolate factory in the world. It is North America's largest chocolate manufacturer and one of the oldest chocolate companies of the United States. The Hershey's Bar is not just a chocolate bar, it is an American icon, refereed as " The Great American Chocolate Bar".
LSD-25 without Urine and Wine
C20 H26 N2 O.
91.4cm x 91.4cm
In this piece, I synthesized a bastardized harmless variant of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25). The product I engineered share a similar chemical structure and physical form to lysergic acid diethylamide. However it is designed to react with a mixture of urine and alcohol to produce lysergic acid diethylamide.
The square will produce no effects to the body unless urine and alcohol is added.
A Conversation Between Two Cunts and You
70cm x 50cm
This is an interactive sculpture connected to a photosensor.
The two "cunts" flash subsequent to one another.
The flashing of the "cunts" increases as the distance between the work and the viewer decreases.
Cunt is for bitch.
Cunt is for vagina.
My First Red
graphite on matte board
46cm x 61cm
In China, it is traditional for students to wear a small red scarf on their necks as a symbol of their role within society. This brand identifies not only the product of Chinese discipline but also the red roots of Chinese future. Growing up in Dagang, Tianjin, I upheld this convention until the age of eight when I immigrated to Canada. The resulting sharp transition of customs and cultures became a formative experience in my early life. By slowly understanding attitudes of learning and teaching in Western culture, I began to re-evaluate the way I was taught to learn.
In this diptych, I am recalling a memory of a nosebleed from my childhood. This ephemeral moment became not just an illustration of my experience in China but also an analysis of my past. Nosebleeds are surprising yet beautiful moments in life; blood is expelled from the body, but it is not always complimented by physical pain. This expulsion is the body's initial response to shock; the byproduct of a broken boundary. This red liquid becomes the medium of healing, while also expanding the previously surpassed boundary.
Tree Trunk with Cork
decaying tree trunk and wine corks
91cm x 91cm x 122cm
Disruptions in a natural process can appear to be beneficial, however it is never replaced to its original state; thus permanently affecting the course of a series of consecutive events. Certain disruptions to the natural process may significantly decrease the potential of subsequent events.
bronze, bandage, sugar, cocaine
6.8cm x 1.6cm x 1.5cm each
The pinky finger is a significant finger on the human hand; it is modest, elegant and relatively small. It retains a graceful nature, often humbly alluding to class, an excess in wealth and greed. Gestures by the pinky fingers are charged with business and goal oriented implications, luxury, extortionate qualities.
I am interested in the implications of the pinky finger in relation to the body, and social status.