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    Hand crafted books to represent the hidden thoughts and feelings that we carry around with us on a daily basis
Second year project: conflict
This was an open brief on the subject of conflict. We were able to look into different areas of this topic which had many different paths to choose from. For my project I looked at the weight that people carry around within them and the inner conflicts it causes. To show this I created a piece that focused on our relationships with people around us and how we don’t say what we are always thinking to save our selves from conflict even though in the long run it may help us.
To make this project a success I had to use thoughts and feelings that I have had before and created three personal books to represent those feelings. The titles of the original books that where then altered related to its new purpose;The Beach for ‘The Parents’, Love You Madly for ‘The Friend’, and lastly The Edge of Madness for ‘The Colleague’.
'The Parents'
'The Friend'
'The Colleague'