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    This is a visualization project I developed for an assignment in my Creative Thinking and Problem Solving course.
 Map Visualization Project
M.A. in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising (GMCA) Program 
GM 636: Creative Thinking and Problem Solving in a Global Environment

One of the initial personal projects for our course in Creative Thinking and Problem Solving required us to create a map that visualizes our daily journey to school. As opposed to simply drawing a map, I decided to create a stop-motion video of my morning commute using over 5000 pictures. However, in an effort to make this project an interactive experience, viewers are able to choose which route I take to school.

Viewers are given two choices at the end of each stop-motion video, but only one of the links provided will actually get me to class. After clicking either link, you get to watch me go in the direction you selected. If you send me in the right direction, I get one step closer to arriving in class on time. However, if you send me in the wrong direction, you’ll find out eventually and be redirected to the right path.

See if you can help me get to class by watching the stop-motion videos="title">