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    White Paper on Baidu & Digital Marketing in China
The Baidu Marketing Playbook
While ripe with opportunity, it's no secret that China can be a complex and challenging market for digital marketers. Concerns around translation, transparency and different technology can be overwhelming. 

This guide shows you what it takes to successfully launch your digital media program in China, common pitfalls to avoid as well as how other marketers have successfully launched and scaled their programs.

The cover for the White Paper take the modern Shanghai skyline and represents it with traditional Chinese paper cutting and Baidu is depicted in Ink Brush strokes. This gives a hand-crafted touch to the cover separating it from typical Digital Media designs. Red and gold were specifically selected because they represent good fortune & luck in Chinese culture and reinforce the underlining theme of the paper. A clean design was utilized on the interior pages, with various larger fonts sizes used to allow for quick identification of key facts.

Other Team Members: 
Author: Hermes Ma
Editor: Sherri Aycoth

Client: Merkle China