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    D&AD Awards 2012 - Illustration Brief for 'Little White Lies'
The Tree Of Life

Brief set by: Little White Lies
Written By:Paul Willoughby, Creative Director, The Church Of London
Sponsored by: Little White Lies

The D&AD brief required that the individual create a simple, unique and iconic illustration depicting the lead character of one of their five favourite films of 2011, namely; Drive, Black Swan, The Tree Of Life, Super 8 and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Upon which, I selected ‘The Tree Of Life’. The said movie is a film that records the origins and meaning of life by way of a man’s childhood memories, combined with the origins of the universe and the beginning of life on Earth.

The concept for the ‘Little White Lies’ cover page had to reflect the overall concept, namely; ‘The Tree Of Life.’ Therefore I based the cover on matter – matter may be defined as anything that occupies space, it is a general term for the substance of which all physical objects consist. The said matter exhibits both wave-like and particle-like properties. Therefore, I used a stippling style and technique to make up the face of Brad Pitt – the lead actor of the film. This technique is used to depict the particle-like properties as mentioned before. The subject of matter coincides with the concept of the tree of life.

Later, I scanned the image and used Photoshop to add colour to the stippling.