Those are some works I've done over a year. Photos are taken either by Canon 1100D (a.k.a Rebel T3) or lower machines. All photos are owned by me, hope you like them :)
It's from a project I called "1 mekan 1 yazı" (1 Place 1 Font) It's the old marina at Oldtown, Antalya, Turkey.
Also from project "1 Mekan 1 Yazı". Sevgi Adası (Love Island), Adana, Turkey
 Iskenderun, Hatay, Turkey (Photo also by me)
 "Lonely Rock"  Falez, Antalya
 Antalya at night
Oldtown Marina, Antalya, Turkey
Glass Pyramid, Antalya, Turkey
An old toy shop in Oldtown, Antalya
 No photoshop, made the effect right in the camera.
 Me :)