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    my ski lifts can be painted, stenciled, drawn, crashed, vandalized, from all sizes, on all support ...
Crashed & Abandoned ski-lift by Tefi / mixed media on canva / 130 x 90 cm
Ski lifts on wood by tefi / 55 x 36 cm
This one must be Mickael Jordan's ski lift ... pylône 23 "danger de mort" found in the forest in les Houches chamonix
Family ride 65x97 cm on canva
Big "SKI" lift by tefi / 110x160 cm (without the finishing touches)
Born to ride ... and to paint ...  / 110 x 170 cm 
Big "SNOWBOARD" lift by tefi / 110x160cm (without the finishing touches)
Night run by Tefi / 93 x 114 cm on canva
Ski lifts on wood - Urban style
Examples of ski lifts with frame and glass  covered with tags and throws , graffiti, good vibes and LOVE - 44 x 54 cm