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    I've developed the TV package design for the new food channel called Taste.

TASTE for Fox Channel

I was asked to develop the TV package design for a new food channel. So, I created a vibrant and colourful palette of graphic resources, full of shapes and foodstuff. Mixing the sensational world of chefs and kitchens into a really big bunch of visual sensations and textures. 

All that concept aimed at a new kind of multi-target 
viewer who is ready to see a different media language.

This attempt consisted on playing with food in a cool graphic way, trying to find a unique “look & feeling” of taste.

Targeting common cooks who are looking for something new, rather than the boring typical insight of “the perfect cooking photography” overexposed in cooking channels.

Another key part of the project was to 
develop the print design and marketing pieces.

Can you smell this good design dish?

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