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    Brand identity and package design proposal for Gothenburg based coffee roastery.
Bergstrands Kafferosteri

Proposal for redesign of Bergstrands Kafferosteri, brand identity and package design. A family owned coffee roastery with a more than century long history.

Here giving Begstrands a look it could have had early 20th century. A design inspired by art deco style – a visual language that can be both elegant and highly expressive. In other words a perfect match for high quality coffee.

The starting point was the most archetypical of all images on coffee packaging: a coffee cup with rising steam, here made into an art deco pattern to be used in high contrast (for example gold on black) or simply as a varnish.
Whole coffee beans: same bag print, diffed with labels.
Ground coffee: continous print cut in two different sizes.
Espresso: individually printed bags.