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Poster/Folder & Prize Design

The prize «ARCHITETTIVERONA», established in 2009 for the fiftieth anniversary of the magazine «AV» (1959-2009), is a highlight among many cultural activities that Ordine degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti Conservatori della Provincia di Verona propose to promote an aware architectonic culture into the environment where it acts.
The Prize, specifically, aim to recognize the special value of those projects, considering both client initiative and designer abilities, public and private,  that emerges due to an innovative and peculiar approach within the urban and environmental context.
In occasion of edition #4 we designed its identity, the folder/manifesto, and the prize made of concrete and 
laser—cut wood.

Award Ceremony
Client: Ordine Degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti Conservatori Della Provincia di Verona

Concept & Art Direction: Happycentro
Graphic Design: Federico Galvani
Illustration: Luca Galvani
Photography: Federico Padovani
Concrete Design: “The Artist” Piet Paeshuyse

© OAPPC Della Provincia di Verona
Award Ceremony Photography: Michele Mascalzoni
Special thanks to: Alberto Vignolo

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