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    This is my Olympics 2016 logo final project for the visual illustration course.
This was inspired mostly by the London 2012 Olympics Logo. However, due to having been just introduced to Photoshop, the idea was eventually abandoned.
This was brought up by the fact that the statue of Jesus in Rio De Janeiro is a major landmark. This was also an eventually abandoned concept.
This here is what would eventually become my final product, after messing around with circles on the grid until I came up with this skeleton above.
After experimenting with different effects and such, I came up with this. However, after some reviews, a few big changes were made, especially to the text and glow effects.
While editing for the final product, I had taken away the black background to more easily see the text while giving an arc effect and changing the glow colors. 
After editing the text, I reinstated the black background for contrast and added further glow, lighting, and noise to the outer rings, alongside adding photo edits to the logo overall.