Lexus Dome
Exhibition & Signage

This is a journey into the world of Lexus and an introduction to what drives the designers and engineers of the brand. 

Sila Sveta created a series of interactive installations dedicated to the inspiration of the Lexus craftsmen, the design and technological excellence of the brand, within the space of Lexus Dome in the Moscow City. 

Lexus Dome is the first of a kind multi-functional space, located in the territory of the 
OKO center in the Moscow City area. It has been created on the initiative of Lexus and implemented by the collaboration of Action Marketing Agency, Sila Sveta and Dentsu Aegis Network

The Lexus interactive zone is a brand philosophy embodied in the physical world with the help of interactive technologies accessible to every Lexus Dome guest. Inspiration, philosophy, technical features, and design — all this is presented with the help of the latest media to give guests the most vivid experience.

The Lexus Dome rooms in 360

Photo Gallery

Tons of early concepts


Lexus Dome was initially planned as a space introducing two Lexus models consecutively. 

The first several months were dedicated to the design, technology and craftsmanship behind Lexus LC, which was then replaced by Lexus LS. Our work was planned in advance to make the needed alterations to the installation: we kept its initial idea and mechanics but introduced numerous fundamental changes to the multimedia content, which responded to the philosophy and image of the second car — Lexus LS.

Lexus LC
Style frames and still images

Lexus LS
Style frames and still images

The video with highlights from the Lexus LC layout of the installation, featuring all elements of the digitally immersive space and original soundtrack used in the car reveal zone.

Creative Directors Alexander Us, Ilya Balakin
Art Directors Ilya Balakin, Philat Matveev
Technical Director Dmitry Petrov
Producers Yana Zakharova, Nikolay Nebolsin
Production Director Vadim Vinogorov
Executive Producers Alexey Rozov, Alexander Us
Supervisors Denis Sidorenko, Maxim Alaev
Copywriter Anastasia Smagina
Concept Artists Stas Bashkatov, Ekaterina Konovalova, Tatiana Kazakova, Polina Sukhanova, 
Anton Nguyen, Elizaveta Romanova
Designers Anton Nguyen, Sergey Akulyonok, Darya Shurkina, Inna Savina, Zoya Kharakoz, 
Denis Sidorenko, Artemy Perevertin, Alexey Churochkin, Dmitry Cheremnov, Maxim Meshkov, 
Yaroslav Svyatykh, Vitalii Zykov, Erik Baymukashev, Ilya Samokhvalov, Petr Ermolaev
Video Engineer Maxim Tulin
Software Developer Ivan Kabalin
Engineering Solutions Vladimir Popilin
Technical Contractors Plan A, Collective
Decorators Freak Fabrique
Music & Sound Design Monoleak, D-Pulse
Technical Production Sergey Zakharov, Dmitry Lobov, Pavel Ivaschenko, Evgeny Ivaschenko, 
Mikhail Portnov, Feodor Selin, Sergey Vostrikov, Maxim Lozinsky, Pavel Melnichuk, Alexander Orekhov, 
Nikolay Kononov, Alexander Korneev, Maxim Kharin, Vadim Tumanov
Video Case EverySecond Production
Lexus Dome
Multiple Owners

Lexus Dome

The Lexus interactive zone. Inspiration, philosophy, technical features, and design.