This is a fun project I did back in 2016 at Concept Arts Studios. My role was Senior Art Director on the team, responsible for creating artworks for initial logo design, photoshoot concepts, magazine cover design, and poster keyart design exploring iconic teaser/outdoor ideas as well as the final onesheet poster. During the logo exploration we were asked to create icons for each character. In my head, they're already dead to begin with, and that's how the skull campaign was born. I studied the original comic book characters and tried to add something unique to each skull. All done in vector, and then added grunge look in Photoshop. Hope you like it!
Some of the thumbnails from my sketchbook. As you can see most of these stay pretty close to the original sketch except Harley Quinn because of her new style in the movie.
I was lucky enough to also finish the first look campaign for Empire Magazine. The Enchantress cover is a collaboration with my old friend Eli Cohen.
Crazies in love. A fun piece designed for Instagram that was released on Valentine's Day.
Our Digital Creative Director Ian McDonnell first came up with the social #squadyourself idea. Then we started taking apart the skulls piece by piece and make them customizable and added more on top of that. Our digital team spent a lot of time on this and the result was definitely fun and refreshing.
And then I was asked to create art for the whole soundtrack!! Thanks to our producer Annie Kim for finding the scraps that inspired some of these skulls.
We also helped create Harley's Tattoo Parlor at SXSW
Lil Wayne took the skull icons and made a throne in the movie soundtrack "Sucker For Pain"
This was such a memorable campaign. Big thank you to our clients at Warner Bros. for being fearless and going full graphic to set the tone of the movie. There are so much more aspects we worked on that's just impossible to cover in one post. If you guys are interested in seeing more check out this video and see how everything came together. 
Thanks for checking these out!