Slow Design - exhibition identity, 2012
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    Exhibition identity for Design Terminal, Budapest.
The concept of "Slow Design" took root in the design profession a decade ago; above all it refers to a democratic and holistic approach to designing, by taking the entire life-cycle of objects into consideration, it is a responsible and conscious design practice focusing on the long-term impacts of design, it believes in sustainable development, in regionalism and cultural diversity, in local values and uniqueness.

The material of the exhibition is grouped around thirteen topics that explore design solutions reflecting to social, economic or ecological issues: Design it Yourself, Eco-design, (G)localism, Inclusive Design, Low Tech, Narrative Design, New Craft, Recycling: Downcycling – Upcycling, Reinterpreted Traditions, Simplicity, Socially Responsible Design, Urban Bicycle Culture and Urban Farming.
Logo design
(installation by Sporaarcitects)
Exhibition catalogue
@ the printing house
Engraved wooden boards
Exhibition @ Design Terminal, Budapest

Installation design:
Sporaarchitects (Ádám Hatvani, Tibor Dékány, Dia Harcsa, Dávid Tarcali)
Graphic design: José Simon
Curator: Rita Mária Halasi
Project manager: Éva Tornyánszki
Project assistant: Zsófia Ginter

Tamás Bujnovszky
Evva Ambrus
Ádám Hatvani
Máté Tóth
Dávid Tarcali
Thanks to Design Terminal & Sporaarchitects (Budapest)

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