Kitchen Wizard makes cooking easy. It gives you recipes using what you have in your kitchen that are custom tailored to your diet. It also helps you remember to use up what you bought and shop smarter than ever. 
In order to provider users the best recipes that fit their lifestyle and inventory, we would need thousands of amazing meals. We partnered with hundreds of food bloggers from around the world by driving traffic to their sites in exchange for showing their recipes to new users. As they grow, we grow, so it's a win-win.  

No one wants to enter data, so we designed a way for incremental and automated inventory updating. Not only does the app guess what you have at the start, but you also get reminders to use food up, and suggestions for what to pick up on your next grocery trip. 
Available for iPhone
The app is currently available for iPhone only, but the team is working on an in store kiosk for grocery stores and Android. You can download the app for iPhone here. 

For more about Kitchen Wizard, download the app, read the Case Study, or check out the InVision Prototype for the kiosk.

Want to talk with us about designing with you? Email Jack, our head of design, at jack@topflightapps.com. Want a bid for development? Talk with Joe, our founder, at joe@topflightapps.com.