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    A series of furniture design created between 2009-2011
Pixel Dresser and Pixel Wardrobe - In this design I used the diversity of american black walnut,
which natural grain of wood has such a unique drawing that putting it into any form is absolutely unnecessary.
I decided to introduce a rhythm that divides the planes of body walls into 2cm wide boards.
The knob made of 49 cubes is the element which ties the whole form together.
Supporting the visually heavy body of the dresser by a very frail, thin legs,
was made on purpose, to enhance the dynamism of the piece of furniture.
Pick Up The Pieces I and Pick Up The Pieces II - This piece of furniture was created
spontaneously out of production waste material found in the workshop.
I asked my workers to cut the waste of five different exotic wood into a 12 by 12 mm boards.
Out of these I made a mosaic, trying to keep the graphic harmony in the system of boards. 
This is yet another design in which I try to show the natural valor of material I work with everyday.
Lapacho Chair - The body of the chair, made of ipe, gives the impression of a heavy block, however,
the edges are perversely only 5 mm thick. Black, velvet, quilted seat and rest fabric contrasts with geometric, wooden body of the chair. System of the boards gives the monolithic block a unique rhythm. 
A series of  furniture designs created between 2009-2011
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