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    A collection of illustrations for the column "Nobody told me this stuff," a column about the dad-life, in SAVVY Magazine.
July 2013
'The Lego Twist', reflecting the single-dad story. And ankle pain.
November 2012
On the injustice of turning one year old with a nasty cold and the wild excitement of seeing your first camel at the petting zoo.
October 2012
Thoughts on buckles, snaps, and buttons.
September 2012
Embrace the chaos of some assembly required.
August 2012
On how the depth of pride in your child can take you by surprise. I took the opportunity to play with some new-father faces. Check out my amatuer videoing (that's a word) skills at work below. These six (plus "The Well, Will You Look at That" not seen here,) are available to purchase here.
July 2012
A milestone for every father/infant relationship is the discovery you no longer need to carry a pocket knife, just keep your baby nearby.
June 2012
The Father's Day edition. Contains a collection of insights for any soon-to-be or newbie fathers.