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    India - Fashion - Saree
Taneira - 100ft road. Indranagar
If there’s any garment that has survived unchanged through centuries and yet remained as real and relevant as the first day it was worn, it is the sari. And yet, a sari is more often than not projected as something completely unreal. Either deified through a demure woman dressed to the nines, not a hair out of place, or exoticized and overly sensualized. For Taneira, a brand rooted in the contemporary, and in the earthiness of the traditional weaving crafts, a sari, like the women who wear it, is nothing if not real. Ever changing yet unchanging. Worn as much in the corridors of power as in the corporate world, as much by mothers as by young girls on the cusp of womanhood, by mavericks and pathbreakers, homemakers and explorers. And to bring it alive what better than to have not models, but real women from different walks of life celebrate this timeless garment. And the different, very real faces of womanhood that we see all around us, and yet so seldom celebrate. 

Thank you to all those who believed in this very special project and brought it alive so beautifully.