Here is the work done during my photojournalism workshop in Istanbul. I did a story on the Illegal housing practices prevalent in Istanbul. Because of urban population explosion in megalopolis (also called megapolis), it's becoming difficult for people to find a place to live. 

"Gecekondus" which are houses built illegally in Istanbul, house a large population of people comprising of refugees, dislocated from conflict and rural areas. According to hundreds of years old "Ottoman" laws, if a structure is built after the sunset, whatever stands there the next morning, can not be demolished. 

This story is an attempt to highlight the life in such a neighborhood. It shows the conditions in which people live and besides the enormous difficulties faced they are still happy and do not complain. It was amazing to see however the houses look from outside, they keep it very clean inside and decorate beautifully. People spend a great deal of time and efforts to develop and rebuild their community.

I was deeply moved by the kindness and love shown by these people towards a stranger trying to document their lives through photographs. I am very thankful to the "Dato" family who agreed to be photographed. I spent almost 4 days with these people and in the neighborhood.