Type: Remake of the livingroom and corridor in an apartment / Interior design 
Location: Moscow, Russia
Project area: 25 sq.m
Timeline: May 2017 
Architects: Maria Stepanova, Olga Khovanskaya
We designed a full living room, transformed into a bedroom zone, provided a workplace with a computer, a storage system for clothes and dishes, an additional refrigerator and a place for sewing.
We used sliding doors with perforatio, so you can use the workplace and not interfere with those who are in the living room.
Also we organized a workplace and a system for seasonal seedling breeding on the balcony.
We just applied only two colors that divide the space visually into two zones: the rest zone (olive) and the walk-through working storage zone (walnut). The separation according to the color principle makes it clear that there are functional types of rooms in front of us.
The monocolouristic solution makes space unique. We want to convey the idea that we should not be afraid of color.