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House where time stands still
Type: Private residence
Year: 2017
Location: Carpathians
Area: 1215 (indoor) +693 (outdoor) = 1908 sq.m
Architects: Alexander Kovpak, Sergey Makhno
A rusty three-storey house created by Ukrainian studio ‘Sergey Makhno Architects’ keeps guests away from the world. There is no time. No сoncerns and troubles. No annoying neighbors. It seems you landed on another planet. You did, but time stands still.
The house is made of corten steel. Designers wanted to keep  integrity with nature. As if no one has stepped foot in there, and the building appeared when dinosaurs were roaming around the Earth.
Nature lives inside the house. The architects created a wild garden - a two storey high mine with a glass ceiling opening up the sky. For the rails, floors and walls perforated mesh was used. When it is warm, ivy and wild grapes weave on a mesh and create shades. Light also became a building material. It flows through the house magnificently accenting on volumes.
To use space rationally, half of the house was lowered. The decision seemed cool until architects suddenly discovered the insight. No one likes going down to the ground floor. They placed the technical premises there and cleared the upstairs rooms of unnecessary things.
Art became the emotional and semantic completion of the project. Three sculptures of non-standard geometry by contemporary Ukrainian artists balanced the volumes and made it holistic. They also show a ‘no-time’ conception. Because life is short, art is eternal.
One more interesting feature, it is the ‘house of doors’. The architects decided that one entrance was not enough, so they created five of them. It is a functional decision to simplify owners’ lives. They will go on a run right out of the bedroom, and then invite guests directly to the living room. Some of doors are ‘secret’, hidden from the world.
entrance floor
higher floor
lower floor

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