About the project

Sunshine is a beer inspired by the daily sun’s light spectacle 
in the sky. North, South, East, West, and the Equator influenced 
the creation of this IPA. A futuristic visual identity tailor made to target the fussy cosmopolitan beer drinkers always thirsty for new things.

Studio: estudiolud.co
CD: Caio Evangelista, Renan Vizzotto, Thiago Soares
AD: Renan Vizzotto, Thiago Soares
Graphic Design: Renan Vizzotto

West - South - Equator Line - North - East
Creation: Caio Evangelista, Thiago Soares, Renan Vizzotto
Graphic Design: Renan Vizzotto
Agency: Estúdio Ludco
Photography: Food&Pixels by Grabriella Pontel
Client: Croma Beer Co.