One of the many Pirate spiders. Commonly identified by the nice arrow on the back behind the eyes.

The large eye of a bumblebee found outside my door. Dead bee, but I really liked what the eyes did when they started to lose the natural color.

All the weeds out back had thousands of these newly hatched butterflies. I had a blast running around getting stickers in my knees, hands, and shoes. My wife however found it less fun when she caught a sticker in the foot.

This is a Christmas beetle shell. It was mounted on a microscope slide and back lit with a 580 EXII speedie and remotely fired. Roughly a 130 image stack.

Nice little jumping spider my kids spied running around the house. They like to trap insects that are inside the house with those giant duplex legos, then they run and get me. I love my kids.

Chinese Mantis

Little bastard Mosquito.

Brown Moth that wasn't a fan of photos. He later flew into the ceiling light, and burned to a nice brown crispy lump.

Anther of a Peruvian Cherry Lily. I actually entered this in a contest, wish me luck!

Very young spider. Not sure what kind though, looked like some form of crab by the body shaping.

Maybe some form of fruit fly perhaps?