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    A short stop motion animation film dedicated to industrial design students of D J Academy of Design, inspired from B grade Hollywood films.
This movie is a group effort by six members for a stop motion animation course done in D J Academy of design. This student project was a complete process driven project inspired from B grade Hollywood films. This movie was completed under the stipulated time of two weeks. The film was conceptualized and directed by Shiva Nalleperumal, Nikhil Dayanand, Nidhi Paul, Saranyaa Shanmugasundaram, Stephy Johny and Santhoshram Ekambaram Narayanan.

Being immensely inspired by B Grade slasher films of John Carpenter, Sean S Cunningham and Wes Craven we spent hours devouring (no pun intended) films that involved cheap effects, a bunch of teenagers and a crazed killer ("My Bloody Valentine", "House on sorority row", "Sleepway Camp", "The Burning" etc). The aesthetic of low budget, natural color and Tom Savini's gory special effects inspired us. We decided our film had all of that (no budget of any kind and a lot of visual reference) so we tried a self conscious, humor heavy super natural slasher film that referenced the industrial design workshop which we students often say is haunted as a college myth.  

This film was made for academic purposes and not for commercial gain.