A Purple Dream
When photographers think of my country they think of windmills, Amsterdam, and tulips. These are generally the most photographed subjects in the Netherlands. What they don’t know is that my country turns purple in August.

It usually starts mid or early Augusts and lasts until the end of the month, and it turns a lot of areas completely purple. What am I talking about? The heather plants. Compare it to the France’s Lavender fields that start a couple of weeks earlier in July. The purple heather fields in the Netherlands are a dream for any landscape photographer. Combine them with mist and you’ve got yourself a dreamscape that looks like it popped straight out of a fairytale.

The misty mornings usually start in August also, when it gets cold at night and warm during the day. The temperature along with humidity makes for low fog that looks great combined with the purple heather.

In this 10-shot series, I hope to convince photographers that the flower season in April and May is not the only time worth visiting the Netherlands. There’s another chance in August to get some beautiful landscape shots.

All of these photos were taken during early mornings. It’s amazing to be walking around in these areas during the start of the day and enjoy the sound of almost nothing but wildlife.