25 Microns Of Details
At the Rochester Institute of Technology
Taking my 3D printing studies & details further, "torturing" the awesome Formlabs printers to the point where printing fails, then backing the scale threshold up till details form more and more successfully. Big thanks to Formlabs for donating resin for my research & for their support. Thanks to School of Design - RIT for facilitating the 3D printing lab. Thanks to  Robert Fleck, David Cohen, Andrew Balboni & Taylor Clow for all the tech support.
A Render of the actual 3D object. Short Film Link: 
Firefly out of the UV oven
Rear Light Frame
Rear Light Frame
Rear Firefly Light caps - Black vs Clear (filled with Glow In The Dark material)
Details on Wing structure - Came out insanely fine! 
Details on the side hose coils and attachment pipes on top of the head
Cleaning Scaffolding
Wing out of the UV oven. - I will be testing with less scaffolding
Gluing the wings 
Still Working on reprinting and re-polishing the clear materials to get clearer transparency 
Glow-In-The-Dark material - Too tiny, but glows beautifully :)
SMALLER: Printed well enough it can hold the weigh on the two feet
SMALLEST: I wanted to see how tiny the scale can go regardless of the details
Another indication of scale
Here is the process (Pix & GIFs)
from importing the object to Preform till the cleanup
Building the support manually in Preform (formlabs printer's software) so I get an efficient support that is easier to clean than the automatic.
If this object was bigger, I could get less support, but small pieces require more support to print successfully.
GIF - Starting Print after warmup
GIF - Printing Peek 1
GIF - Printing Peek 2
GIF - Printing Peek 3
Printing is Done!
Alcohol Bath - Resin Rinse :)
Baking in the UV oven (so the resin cures, dries and become more solid - takes few hours at least, the bigger the size of the print the longer it needs to cure).
Clear Vs Black - Midsize
Clear Vs Black - Midsize
Stacked Focus of 19 images
Stacked Focus of 18 images (you can see some blurred visuals due to extreme closeup leading to blocked visuals at some point)
Kind of freaky when you look closely though!!! 
Antennas and other parts are blurred because of the stack focus technique
25 Microns Of Details

25 Microns Of Details

I never liked 3D printing till I had my hands on the Stereolithography (SLA) printing with Formlabs at the Rochester Institute of Technology, bec Read More

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