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    The original intention was to make a ghost from an ampersand. I got carried away and came out with this base for a 2 color screen print.
Available for purchase now on my store 
I hope you've seen my two screen prints done. If you havent, check them out here and here. They're now for sale in my store.
This is the second design that came off the 18x24 (cut to two 11x17) shared colors with my retro phoneThis was really just a doodle to fill the space. I opened Illustrator and had just bought vectorscribe and started going to town. 

Props to antidesigns out of boston for really going above and beyond hanging out and letting me watch / help with the printing process.

I'm working on a storefront now so if you wanna stay up to date follow me on twitter or dribbble or bookmark my portfolio.

Thanks for looking!
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