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'The Red Car and the Black Gun' comics pitch
Some materials for a comic book 'The Red Car, the black Gun' by Oleg Divov. I began to draw it in 2015, but because of my pregnancy couldn't finish soon. So, now it's just a training work.
In the project one can find the cover, concept art, storyboards and some pages.
The plot takes place in the future. After a corporate war a group from the lost part tries to steal neseccary elements for a new engine. But it turns out, that everything is not as it seems. A random episode is not random, friends are not friends, the technology is not exclusive, and the hero has already lost his game. So, he can rely only on his car and his gun.
Book size 17X26 cm, font a_DomIno.
The story is told by the main character. So, we see him only by a detail. Fully he appears in flashbacks and in the last pages, when he begins his new odyssey in life. There are no serious history about the last war to explain why the lost part is good, and the main focus is on human relationships, their ups and downs. The protagonist's thoughts and storys are mainly given through flashbacks. I tried to escape thoughts in bubbles as I could. 
To make story fill true, I tried to design a world of future based on our today world. So, it is a mix of nowadays trends in city design with old buildings, because it seems that too futuristic city doesn't suit the story. Also this helps to set the reason of conflict of 2 worlds, and thus makes characters more sympathetic to the reader. 
This approach demanded a big research, what is still a concept in design, technology, etc, and what alredy exists today. We all live very far in the future. And it is difficult to imagine something, when you are not sure how it will work.
The fashion is a mix of modern design and trending 80-s. 
So, hope you'll like the presentation.

A full presentation PDF is here (in Russian).

'The Red Car and the Black Gun' comics pitch

'The Red Car and the Black Gun' comics pitch

A pitch for a comic book 'The Red Car the Black Gun' by Oleg Divov