Design Month Graz 2010
Graz is the second largest city in Austria with an uprising creative potential.
The Design Month Graz is a parent brand for various events like music and design festivals, exhibitions, lectures and contests which are taking place in May.

Creativity is an invisible power which can manifest itself in various ways like art, music, or in our case DESIGN. The idea behind our concept was to create a visual metaphor which is capable of revealing this process in an abstract way.
Like creativity, wind is an invisible energy which needs a projection screen to become noticeable. The windmill makes the wind not only visible but has the ability to catch it and convert it into useful energy. This is basically what design does with creativity. In other words: Design as it should be converts creativity into something with a purpose.

On the other hand the main purpose of the Designmonat Graz is to make design, and the potential of the creatives, visible for erverbody.

Client: Creative Industries Styria
Project Period: November 2009 - June 2010
Project Team: Simon Hagleitner, Stephan Friesinger, Martin Rieger, Veit Ritterbecks
Event Locations
Shop windows
electrostatic films for decoration
Direct Mailing
All events, day by day
100 pages with all events in detail
Vespa branding
Videos for infoscreens and public areas