Managed Sales Pros
Logo + Brand Development + Web Design

Managed Sales Pros is a cold calling company that promises to generate leads to their customers. The clients knew that in order continue the growth of their business, they had to get away from the stereotype of being a boring cold call service.

The solution was to redesign the brand into one that had style and personality to get people more interested in what the call representatives had to offer. A new logo was designed along with a visual identity that is bold and simple, using classic imagery and retro pin-up girl models to create a provocative yet professional look. We produced business cards, pop-up banners and other promotional materials that the clients used on their booth in different business conventions. The new identity also translated over to a brand new website that contained information about their business offerings, customer testimonials, contact information, and a company blog where they share industry updates and professional advice to establish their selves as experts in the field and help site visitors grow their own business.