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MIND Responsive Communications Dashboard

MIND Responsive
Communications Dashboard
MIND, Media Intelligence & Insights Dashboard.

Concept development, branding, design & development of a responsive web dashboard for communications professionals to quickly get metrics on their brand's outreach effectiveness.
Art director, designer and developer on the project. From concept strategy, logo design, and typography through user interface, user experience and HTML, CSS and Javascript programming, I was hands-on with everything.

The project started as a proof of concept in conversations between PR, marketing, digital and analytics executives who were dissatisfied with the inability to get a holistic understanding of a brand's communications outreach.
Real-time data is pulled from a custom QuickBase database updating the data and charts. Analysis and recommendations are included from the account, analytics and digital teams via the same database. Charts are interactive and can be exported as PNG graphics. Entire dashboard is password secured and can be customized per client/brand. Tiered pricing model allows brands to scale up as their market coverage expands.
MIND was the winner of Ketchum's 2016 Spark Tank contest, an internal global competition to discover and promote the best new ideas in the agency.
MIND Responsive Communications Dashboard

MIND Responsive Communications Dashboard

Responsive Web Dashboard for Communications Executives