The Nueronauts are a small but highly trained fraternity of memory assassins, who are deployed by the governments of the United World to infiltrate minds, destroy all bad memories and to create the perfect Utopia. 

However, the covert crack team are not the only ones to master such technologies and are in a constant state of war with the international terror cell, Feudal Switch.

It's a game of cat and mouse as the two sides fight for victory on the battle fields of peoples memories. 
Frank Nasty III-

Frank was born for the role of commander in the Nueronauts division. There is a lot of missing information regarding his formative years and this has lead to suggestions he was artificially created inside of a spent 9mm cartridge. Either way, he kicks some serious ass with his SNEZ  (Super Neuronautical Electronic Zapper) and when he isn't blowing shit up, you can usually find him causing uproar in the local bars and strip joints.