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Staying Connected With Children
Any kind of close relationship in this world requires positive interactions. When we talk about the relationship between couples, there is worth discussing a fact stated by the scientists. They say that couples are most likely to get separated through divorce if they do not focus on having 5 positive interactions after every negative interaction. This 5 to 1 ratio insures better and healthy relationship between the couples.

Although, this 5 to 1 ratio formula is not stated (by researchers) to work for children, applying this formula in parenting would surely provide better results. The reason is that our children get separated from us on daily basis. They stay in school with their teachers and peers for the long time. So, it becomes important to recollect them emotionally when we recollect them physically.

Having that said, there are a few things which are worth mentioning.
Give priority to relationships
Although most of us consider relationships important, only a few of us give priority to them actually. It’s about being ready to skip the work and other things in order to retain sweetness in relationships. So, you should focus on connecting with your partner and your kids on daily basis.
Acknowledge daily separation

Separation is the part of life. Get separated from your family when you go to work, drop children to school or when you watch your partner leaving for office. So, it’s no big thing to worry about. But you need to make it pleasant in order to keep your relationship very much alive. For this purpose, make sure to say Goodbye in good mood and say hello when you meet with your family again. Find a way to greet your kids when you see them for the first time in the day.
Give attention when you reconnect physically
Your physical reconnection with your kids and partner should not be empty of emotions. Try to make it as pleasant as possible. For this purpose, make sure that you are giving proper attention to the family members. Otherwise, you will just think about the meeting you just had or the next assignment you would do in the next day.
Stay away from distractions while you are reconnected
Now this will require some practice can disciplining. You will have to keep it in mind that your family time should be dedicated only to your family. The kids usually have a lot to talk about to their parents. So, it would be better if you listen and respond to them appropriately. Delay any other thing while you are with your kids. Your urge to welcome your kids in positive way should exactly be like an urge to answer the phone call.
Keep into consideration the mood of your child

You never know what mood your child may be in when you reconnect. So, you need to be ready to anticipate the mood of your child when you meet him.