SilkShevitza - packaging for the STITCHES collection
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SilkShevitza - branding & packaging
for the STITCHES collection
SilkShevitza is a scarf brand inspired by Balkan textile heritage. Only, we stay away from literal interpretation of the past. And in order to do so we started commissioning the design of our collections to designers of various background and education.

In this sense STITCHES is SilkShevitza's flagship collection. It was made for us by Mila Chorbadzhieva - a designer of Bulgarian background and Dutch training.
These five labels are made of layered paper cutouts and display a dynamaic 3D version of the scarf prints
The clutch that holds the scarves is made of Tyvec - a wonderful durable material that can be used and reused for a long time. It can be a stylish complementary bag, a wallet, a book case, thus making the packaging sustainable.