Each year Ara Taiohi organises Youth Week, a national initiative that celebrates the passions, successes and achievements of young people across New Zealand. 
I firstly refreshed the brand of Youth Week – more colours are carefully chosen and added to Ara Taiohi's main brand for the young audience. The gif below was created to summarise the new brand elements, and also for Ara Taiohi to use when promoting Youth Week 2016 on social media. 
A mini campaign below was created to promote key messages of Youth Week 2016 and encourage young people to participate in decision making. A series of images and infographic were designed to inform young people about voting in NZ. *full infographic at the end of this page​​​​​​​
'Voting in New Zealand' print version
Graphics of 'Five Reasons Why You Should Vote'
More graphics for social media posting
Full images of the main two infographic