Hi guys! Very excited to share with you the new artwork we just finished here at Concept Arts Studios in Hollywood. My role was to creative lead this project, working with many talented Art Directors in the shop. Over the past 16 months we designed the movie logo, directed photoshoot concepts, and spent countless hours in Photoshop creating keyarts for marketing. Ranging from print materials like magazines and movie posters to digital/social sharable contents like Penn Station motion wall takeover and Snapchat. Hope you like it!

This first set is my personal finish. Ryan Gosling's poster was something I designed in the 1st round. Went through a lot of revisions...and then Harrison Ford's poster was born as a companion piece.

Next we have the character banners created by my good friend Freeland Stevens and I. Initial concept was just "2049" over 4 characters, and then my boss hopped out and say "LET'S DO ALL 11!" :)
Entertainment Weekly First Look Issue. Another team effort with my good friends Freeland S. and Derick R.

Time Square take over
Awesome poster creator designed by my good friend Keith Liu. Make yours here!
ANNNNND that's it for now. If you are a fan of the first movie you will definitely love 2049! Thanks for checking these out!

Special shout out to our clients at Warner Bro. and the Concept producers and production crew!