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    2017 AIA Tampa Bay Design Awards
Zeren Corp

The proposed Ambassador Chapel project is a cultivation of a promising parcel of terraced land near the epicenter of the suburban Eagle River community. This complex is envisioned as an ecclesiastical homestead and purposed to undergird a young and verdant ministry. The essential nature of this structure is to be a cross-cultural gathering place where visitors and members will cultivate open hearts, discover new exegetical perspectives, hone their faith, and encounter the wonders of creation. Section was employed as the generator and this project’s primary gestures were informed by modalities of natural light and underlying tectonics of spatial volumes. Clad with regionally relevant materials and populated by internal volumes oriented to take fullest advantage of the seasonal rhythms of natural sunlight, this worship space will be dynamic and compelling. Exhibited renderings graphics illustrate all completed phases, however to manage economies and allow for future expansion, the complex is to be constructed in several phases.