C-201 Sarasota Memorial Hospital Rehab Pavilion
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    2017 AIA Tampa Bay Design Awards
Gresham, Smith and Partners

Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) determined a new rehabilitation pavilion was needed to replace the existing space, which was out-of-date and did not represent the quality of care patients had come to expect from the hospital. The new facility was an opportunity for staff and the design team to create a fully functional space that was commensurate with the client’s vision. The new design now reflects the level of care the hospital provides and ties into the larger campus.

The design adds significant value by taking into account a patient’s emotional well-being and ensuring every aspect of the design aids in their rehabilitation. Special attention was given to daylighting, which creates a calming environment, while the new private inpatient rooms provide comfortable overnight accommodations for family members. Providing a sense of normalcy, patients are encouraged to eat and commune at the restaurant-style dining area. This bright, open space offers a place to socialize or simply enjoy watching TV and playing games. Also offering respite, the corridors feature recessed niches at regular intervals where patients can rest on cushioned benches that serve as destination points during gait training. Each niche features an inspirational quote encouraging them to persevere.

Advanced technology such as a ceiling lift helps patients slowly increase weight-bearing and reduces the risk of falling. The gym and other spaces move beyond traditional rehabilitation equipment and provide exceptional real-world simulations, including a mobile-home staircase and entry door that allows patients to practice entering and exiting their homes, and a mock automobile where patients can practice getting in and out of a vehicle. Additionally, an outdoor mobility garden features various ground coverings, including pavers, ramps and stairs, a mailbox and even raised flower beds so that residents can practice their hobbies and return to mobility on various terrains.