Since my first iPad and then even more after the first iPad Pro I dabbled in all the painting and sketching apps, but ever-since Adobe has been pushing their mobile Apps and improving so much on them have fallen in love.

I am not a painter or designer or graphics designer or so, but it gives me real pleasure and I keep learning. And the best part for me, I am making my own Stickers and Shirts now, just for fun so far, but that is such a nice thing to so instead of buying some stuff off shelves.

I either paint stuff myself, or use my own photos for most of these. Two friends and I came up with "TEYM THE BEAST" for these shirts, stickers and stuff and it is a play on my first name Teymur and the word tame of course. And feels better than using my business name "Teymur Visuals" for that. 

I will add to this project over time of course.

Would love to hear what you think, construtive critisism will certainly help me to get a bit better.

Stay fresh, have fun, be safe.