Hanuman : The Monkey With The Golden Heart
Creating contemporary relevance for stories from Indian Mythology through visually documented sequential narratives.

The world of Indian Mythology is a magical saga of kingdoms, relationships, emotions and the eternal debate of what is right and wrong. The plot lines, the characters that played the parts, and the situations that arose all come together to form extremely exciting stories. However the traditional method of rendition has led to these stories being uninteresting, mundane and dated to the younger generation of today. These stories however need to live on as they are more than mere entertainment and carry a greater message, a larger truth. Apart from the message they hold between the lines, they also make for extremely enthralling literature.

The aim is to help transition stories from ancient cultures into a contemporary era. This project aims at recreating the same rich literature, in a visual language that makes it more accessible and interesting. It culminates in an outcome that is print and digital image along with moving image that effectively relays the intent of transition.

This project makes an attempt to re-illustrate a mythological story as a contemporary fairy tale making it culturally rich and unique, yet relatable as a character story globally.
The principle character is Hanuman, the monkey god who could fly as he would be an exciting character for children to relate to because of his similarities to a superhero.

'As a story about Hanuman goes, Ram wants to reward all his well wishers and all the people who helped him in the war to rescue Sita, his wife back from the evil Ravan. Sita felt that Hanuman, having been the most loyal devotee to Ram, deserved a reward that was more important and more prized than the rest. So she took her necklace off and gifted it to Hanuman. Hanuman held the necklace close to his eyes and began peering into each bead to see if Ram and Sita existed in them, as they were the only two things that meant more to him than anything in this world. Onlookers ridiculed Hanuman, and didnt believe that his love for the king and queen was that great. To prove the extent of his love for Ram and Sita, Hanuman tears his chest open and there is an image of Ram and Sita in his heart.'
Along with a nine frame GIF, each artwork was developed into a full page spread with a text layout to tell the story. The focus was designed to be on the illustrations created for the book, and supplementary text was added as an aid.