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    Trailrunning in the Pyrenees
Jordi climbing the Puigllançada in the Catalunyan Pyrenees.

Cristofer Clemente one of the favorites at the 2017 Ultrapirineu who had the abandon the race beacuse of ankle problems.
Pablo Villa winner of the 2017 Ultrapirineu, 110 Kilometers of running in the Mountains with 6800m of altitude gain
One of the Ultra runners at the Ultrapirineu, around Baga in the Pyrenees.
Ignasi coming down the Puigllançada
Some runners from the Maraton Distance at the Ultrapirineu 45 K distance and 2400 metres of vertical gain.
Eli Gordon winner of the Ladies Maraton at the Trail Cap de Creus 44 k and 2200 meters of altitude gain
Carles Pijuan at the Trail Cap de Creus
Trail Cap de Creus
Runners leaving the starting line at the Cattlaras in La Poble de Lillet
Climbing Puigllançada with Jordi Ignasi, Cristina, Nuria and Paula
Jordi at Cap Roig
Jordi at Cap Roig