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    A response to the September 2017 Young Glory Brief, 'Winners & Losers'.
"Winners & Losers" Young Glory Brief - September 2017
Hayden Wright & Rodger Wang
Soccer is the largest sport in the world. However, the UEFA (Union of European Football) spends just 0.2% of their Champions League budget on women’s football.

How can we encourage brands to sponsor women’s and girls’ soccer?
Women's soccer is the underdog; fighting myths that women's games aren't as valuable as the men's games and that women players aren't skilled enough to be enjoyable.
The opportunity exists to dispel these myths by bringing awareness to the women's game and inviting brands to participate in this movement.
Draw attention to the experience of women soccer players by writing these labels directly on the players' jerseys, where corporate sponsor logos would be.

By increasing the media value of the jerseys with PR, encourage brands to do some social good by sponsoring women's teams and remove these labels with their sponsorships and logos.
Partnering with brands with international reach and a strong social good message, elevate the conversation about women's soccer and representation in sports to be valuable enough to earn media attention and encourage brands to sponsor women’s and girls’ soccer.