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    Tower of Terror: Untold Stories is an entirely new experience designed from the ground up exclusively for Virtual Paradise.
Tower of Terror: Untold Stories has been designed from the ground up exclusively for the Virtual Paradise platform. Untold Stories integrates new technologies and development methods exclusive to Virtual Paradise, including smoother camera movements, increased animation counts, seamless scene transitions, and a probability engine, used to determine ride profiles at random milliseconds before a guest begins the ride.
While most iterations in ActiveWorlds, including Remastered, used an architectural design similar to that of Disney California Adventure Park's former Tower of Terror attraction, Untold Stories resembles that of Disney's Hollywood Studios Park's Tower of Terror.
This scene didn't see much of a change between ActiveWorlds and Remastered, but in Untold Stories, it was rebuilt from scratch and makes excellent use of the new 4X texture resolution.
Detailed comparison between the Hallway scene for the attraction's iterations in ActiveWorlds, the Remastered version in Virtual Paradise, and Untold Stories, respectively.
The biggest change in Untold Stories is the use of high definition textures. Textures are presented at 4X the resolution of ActiveWorlds', and 2X the resolution of Remastered.