Having watched Zulu Alpha Kilo's award-winning video #SayNoToSpec, we realized we share the agency's passion for great advertising and agree with their refusal to do free creative spec work.  

So we decided to connect, as a creative team, in our own way.
The Product

We designed and 3D printed personalized glasses for Zulu Alpha Kilo's phoney founders: Frank Zulu, Marcus Alpha, and Katherine Kilo. By simply putting The No! Specs™ on, they could waste less time saying "no" to spec and spend more time enjoying life in the fast lane.

The Package

Matching the website’s ridiculous satire, overwhelming puns, and graphic elements, we created customized packaging for each pair. Unique product descriptions, benefits, and quotes tailored to the individual founders were printed on the underside of each box.
The Delivery

We put everything into a redesigned mailer box branded by a fake courier company we came up with: FedUp® With Spec. That meant parodying a well-known service down to the tiniest detail.
Dressed as employees from this made-up service, in costumes we created, we personally delivered the package to Zulu Alpha Kilo.