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Jill Saltzman Jewelry Design Branding and Social Media
Shari Finger Design LLC
has been designing, creating and photographing print + web designs as well as social media marketing for Jill Saltzman Jewelry Design for almost a decade. Completely fascinated by photography and jewelry design, Shari brings a unique look and feel to the Jill Saltzman brand. Through this macro photographic approach, we showcase design, textures, colors, findings and materials which brings Jill's craft to life. Jill designs elegant, yet casual, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using various semi-precious stones, beads, silver, gold, brass and leather. Her jewelry is showcased at Noble Salon in Stamford, DoveCote in Westport and Wave Gallery to name a few. Her designs have been featured in print publications and can also be seen adorning celebrities.